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Coming This Sunday to Pleasant Grove!

School is About to begin, a great time to come back to a good church in your community!

Sundays at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

Sunday School meets at 9:45 am in the sanctuary for a short time of announcements and opening praise to God.

Sunday School classes start at 10:00 am

Morning Worship begins at 11:00 am

Worship consists of times of hymns, praise choruses, corporate prayer, special choir music, offering, and the preaching of God’s Word.

How to Dress: We do not have a dress code.  We have people who wear coats, ties, dresses, and also jeans, and dressy casual styles.  We recommend that you come “clean and neat” in the style you feel helps you to worship the Lord the best!  And yes, ladies are welcome to come in pants!!


One comment on “Coming This Sunday to Pleasant Grove!

  1. I think this is a good idea, it will let people know who we are and prayfully create soon interest in our church,Ed.

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