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Awesome verses: 1 Corinthians 10:31

If you are looking for some inspiring and life-changing verses from Scripture, ones that are great for adding purpose to your life, let me suggest the following and why.

First let me say that all Scripture is awesome and inspiring, and all of it “is inspired by God and useful for correction and teaching that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped.

The list in no particular order in the NASB translation

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”  Why I love this: What should you do to the glory of God?  This verse answers that question.  Whatever you do, (like brushing your hair, playing frisbee, going to church, selling a car, washing dishes, changing a diaper, going on a date, eating a cheeseburger, having coffee with a friend, driving to work, absolutely whatever) do it to the glory of God!  If you can not give glory (honor, praise, the credit, the thanks) to God for the act, during the act, because of the act, then it should not be done.  This verse helps Christ’s followers in those tricky gray ethical and moral areas of life.  Like drinking alcohol, rated-R movies, T.V. shows, usage of time, usage of money, choice of friends, etc.

Also, this verse puts meaning and purpose to the mundande things of life like grocery shopping, caring for kids, working a job, visiting the sick, and the thousand other things we do out of habit, duty, and necessity.  When we do these activities, as a believer in Christ, they can become a time of worship and giving glory to God as we: thank him for the health to do it, thank Him for the money to do it, thank Him for the time to do it, thank Him for the resources that make it possible to do whatever. 

A mundane example:  mowing the grass to the glory of God!  While mowing the grass you could multi-task and listen to your favorite christian music or a downloaded sermon or teaching on some portable device.  That way, while you are mowing you are also being spiritually enriched.  Or, how about praying for your family, friends, and favorite ministry leaders, especially your pastor!  Or just prayer mow.  Prayer walking taught us how to pray while doing something else, walking.  Prayer mowing is just as important.  Thank God for your mower, for the time to do it, for the beautiful world around you.  Ask God to help you be a stronger believer and also for your spouse, kids, or grandkids.

Now you are glorifying God in a “whatever” action and you have invented “prayer mowing” and can write a book about it and take people on prayer mowing events.  Enjoy!!


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